Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to send my actual passport to you, or can I send a scan?

A: Yes, consulates require your actual passport because they will put the visa in your passport once issued.  There are a few exceptions, such as Vietnam, which accepts a scan of the passport, and Turkey and Australia, which are electronic visas.


Q: Do I send my documents to you, or straight to the Consulate?

A: Send all the documents listed on our checklist to Visa Service, Inc. so we can look everything over before we send it out.  We then send it to our couriers in different cities across the country to walk the application into the Consulate.


Q: How much does your service cost?

A: Consular fees vary, but Visa Service, Inc. fees are as follows:

Tourist visa - $110

Business visa - $125

Minor's visa - $125

Non-US Passport Holder visa - $145

Rush processing - $110

Emergency processing - $175

Special visas (such as journalist, conference, etc.) may have different pricing


Q: What does your service include?

A: With our service, you can send a digital copy of your application materials to Visa Service, Inc. for review as many times as you would like until your application is correct. Once the application is in the office, your application will be reviewed again. It is then prepared to go out, sent to our couriers, and returned to us when the processing is complete.


Q: The visa I'm applying for is requiring a copy of my bank statement.  Why do they need that?

A: The government of the country you are applying for wants to be sure that you will not become dependent upon their government once in their country.  You can black out your account number before you send the application to Visa Service, Inc., or we will black it out for you.


Q: Can I hand write the answers on my application?

A: Certain consulates will allow handwriting on their application.  However, other consulates (such as China, India, Russia, Vietnam and Brazil) will not allow handwriting. These applications must either be typed or completed online.


Q: Will a scan of my application be sufficient?

A: No, consulates will require your original signature on your application, and your signature must match the signature in your passport.


Q: Do I need to supply a photo, even though there is already one in my passport?

A: Yes, consulates require a recent photo that matches their specifications on your application for their records.


Q: Can I use an old photo?

A: The photo must be recent, usually taken within the last 6 months.


Q: A hotel confirmation is required for my application, but I am staying with a friend or family member.  What do I do?

A: You must supply an invitation letter from your friend or family member along with a copy of their national ID.  Visa Service, Inc. can supply you with a template for this letter. Depending on the country you are applying for, there may be additional requirements, which Visa Service, Inc. can assist with.


Q: I am traveling with a minor.  Are there additional requirements?

A: Yes, there are different requirements for minors applying for visas.  Depending on the country you are applying for and if the minor is traveling with both parents or guardians, there are different requirements.  The packet of information Visa Service, Inc. will send to you has all the information specific for each country.


Q: Can I print my application double sided?

A: No, consulates require applications to be printed single sided on 8.5” x 11” white paper.


Q: I have a valid visa in an expired passport.  Can I use that to travel?

A: Many countries will allow you to bring both passports (your current one as well as the expired one with the visa) to travel.  However, you must call the airline you are flying on to ensure they will allow you on the plane with a visa in an old passport.


Q: How long will my visa be valid for?

A: That depends on the country you are applying to, what validity you applied for, and the validity the consulate grants you.